After two years of involvement in the VR world, building products, creating experiences and trying to build VR related businesses, I have to admit that the VR content creation and delivery tools that are now on the market are not True VR tools. The industry is using existing HD/4K tools, workflows, codecs and methods to capture and deliver VR. We need VR specific tools. For example, all VR cameras on the market now are using sensors that are initially made for HD or 4K cameras. Combining multiple sensors and lenses, capturing HD or 4K or even 8K images and stitch them together. That’s a good start, but VR will require Read more

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Before we bring AR and VR to Sports broadcasting, let’s take a look at how it can benefit from other technologies that are available NOW! In the last few weeks, my blogs have featured real-world applications for VR and AR within the Hollywood industry. Yet, in light of the World Series’ conclusion last week, I realized how many areas within sports broadcasting technology remain untapped. Especially in regards to attracting the younger generations, who tend to be consistently on their cell phones. (Trust me on this, my teenage sends me text at home even when there is just one wall between us.) Due to technological advances, we have already seen Read more

Two fabulous years I spent with my colleagues at a great company “Nokia Technologies.” Together with our leadership team, we made Nokia and in a short period a leading VR company.  After Nokia decision to focus on other areas than VR, many exceptional talents lost their jobs. In the next 4 to 6 weeks and along with other colleagues, our priority is to find the right opportunities for our teams and ex-colleagues.  Let’s kick off this initiative: To all my network, recruiters, executives and hiring managers at related technology companies; please reach out to me to know more about those talents, and I will be connecting you directly to them. Who Read more

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series of blogs around AR & VR. The first blog, “Back to the Future, From Aladdin to Oculus” was about Hollywood studios and the VR opportunities ahead of them. This week I will be talking about what AR could bring to studios and the film industry as a whole. I won’t be talking about how AR could be used within a movie, as it has been there for a long time, “Iron Man” using AR to visualize data in his helmet. AR Market projections are far more substantial than VR. The Digi-Capital Augmented/Virtual Reality Report expect the VR market to be $25 Read more

As a kid, I used to love movies that take me to imaginary places. One of my favorites was “Aladdin,” I was fascinated by the concept of teleportation. Aladdin and his friends, with the help of the genie, are capable of instantaneously transporting themselves from China to Morocco and back. Later, “Back to the Future” and “Star Trek” took a more scientific approach of teleportation. Until this moment, I am still waiting for someone to invent teleportation in the REAL world! While waiting, I was lucky enough to work on technologies that could offer us the same teleportation feeling and experience without physically changing our location. Virtual and augmented reality are Read more

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In light of Nokia‘s announcement today to pull out of OZO VR hardware, I would like to clarify a few things. In early August, I decided to leave my job as Head of VR technologies’ business unit at Nokia Tech. This VR technologies unit was not responsible for the hardware and the camera. OZO was released before I joined Nokia in March 2016. Rather, along with my great team, we focused on software and technology licensing, which Nokia decided to keep investing and developing. Nokia’s decision – is clear from the announcement – will only put a stop on the hardware. The work we did as VR technologies team is Read more